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We’re COPE. The business program that’s invested in maximizing the potential of every student.


COPE Institute’s
Business Essentials + Junior Accounting


23 Credits

3-6 Months

Business +
Accounting / CPA

Accounting Degree Track

150 Credits

22 Months


What Our Students Say

“COPE really taught me accounting basics and fundamentals, laying the ground work for a career in accounting. I would strongly recommend the course for anyone thinking of going into the accounting field, or someone who wants to pursue a career in business.”

Yosef Levin

“COPE gave me the tools I needed to excel in an accounting career. Their flexible schedule and personal attention enabled me to pursue my career without infringement of my daily routine. I was able to work during the day and go to school at night.”

Yisroel M. Florans

“The instructor prepared us in every aspect of financial concepts. I have taken other courses, but there is no comparison.”

Yehoshua M.

“I really enjoyed the classes. I was able to begin working in a CPA firm right away. It gave me the basic knowledge I needed to grow in my area.”

Devorah R.

“All the material was presented very clearly. Even through I had an accounting background it was most beneficial.”

Daniel C.

“I like the fact that it was half-day - I was able to work in the morning. Also, a nice frum environment. My mother-in-law took it a year after me.”

Miriam F.


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About COPE

COPE’s educational programming is designed for the person who appreciates the value of a professional education, as well as the nurturing environment of a warm, supportive classroom , the close camaraderie of like-minded students, passionate, personally invested instructors, and the fine-tuned sensitivity to the community’s no-compromise values and rigorous standards.